Audit Mastery:
Live 6 Week Small Group Coaching Program
July 16th - August 24th

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Dear Friend, 
Imagine being able to look at ANY marketing... 
And INSTANTLY and INTUITIVELY knowing how to make it more profitable. 
Imagine being able to offer this service to your clients... And getting paid handsomely for strategy, rather than slaving away for hours at your computer writing copy or pushing pixels.
Better still, imagine knowing without a shadow of a doubt that a huge percentage of these same clients will come to you for the actual implementation work... 
Which you know will generate results that far exceed your fees!
Hello. My name is Erik Stafford, and I’m about to show you the most valuable skill in the world:

How I Sign, Sell, And Deliver
$2,500 - $5,000 Audits That Always Produce Results!

As a creative myself, I know that I bring a quality service and great results to the table…
But I also know that in today’s landscape, I’m not just competing against other marketers anymore. And neither are you. 
Push-button software and well-funded platforms like Wix are cutting into our client base... And cheap vendors on Fiverr and Upwork aren’t helping either. 
The struggle is real... And things aren’t getting easier.
The time to DIFFERENTIATE is now, and offering audits as an initial offer is a great way to do that. 
I charge up front for clients to “pick my brain” and the best part is I almost always get the implementation work anyway. 
I get paid well to deliver the strategy... I almost always get paid to implement it....
And the clients get results! 

The Results Speak For Themselves...

58% - 70% opt-in rates, even with cold traffic...
Image Image

And insane 200% - 449% returns on paid traffic ad spend!

We've also used this process to take one client from 1.4% to 2.8% conversions in a single half-day consult, resulting in an extra $240,000 in profits each year...

And used these same strategies to architect a launch that put 1,250 customers into a $50/month membership website in less than a week... Resulting in $62,500 in recurring monthly revenue!
This summer, I’m putting together a live, 6 week small group coaching program to show agency owners, freelancers, and creative marketers my entire auditing process… 
And how I sell and deliver these audits to clients for $2,500 - $5,000. 

Audit Mastery:
Live 6 Week Small Group Coaching Program
July 16th - August 24th

The core of the Audit Mastery program is delivered on LIVE weekly calls. 
I’m hopeful that you can attend as many of the live calls as possible, but I will be recording each call and making the recordings available in case you can’t attend live. 
Here's the schedule:
Week #1: Set the Stage. In the first week, I'll show you how we find, sign, and sell these strategies to our clients, and why this system works so well for us. You'll also learn how we define/prioritize the goals of an audit... Define the audience, and compile the assets we're reviewing.
Week #2: Tone and Message. I'll show you how we audit the marketing to make sure the tone and message is consistent with the brand. If the marketing has multiple touches (a funnel) you'll learn how to make sure each piece makes sense in order, together, as part of a larger narrative. 
Week #3: The Visual Audit. This week, we share the strategies that made us famous 🙂 I'll show you how we assess and improve visual assets (images, colors, and fonts) for consistency and effectiveness.
Week #4: The Vocal Audit. This goes way beyond language and spelling. This week, you'll learn how we make sure the written marketing flows (and encourages action) from a direct response perspective.
Week #5: The Technical Audit. We tend to focus on tone, message, and copy/design first, because that’s usually where the biggest ROI improvements happen… But we can’t discredit mobile compatibility or platform issues, so we look at this as well. 
Week #6: Finally, we wrap up by sharing exactly how we deliver audits. Most often, it’s a detailed document along with a follow-up call to discuss our findings… And our rates for implementing what we recommend!

All The Checklists And Templates You Need
To Create Audits For Your Own Clients!

There’s no doubt that the blueprint I give you on the live calls and recordings will dramatically accelerate your learning curve, allowing you to become a master at spotting gaps and improving marketing in an astonishingly short time...
But you know what?
I still wasn’t 100% satisfied. So I started thinking: Is there a way that I can virtually guarantee that my students will succeed with this system?
I believe there is... That's why I'm including the audit checklists and document templates we use in our own business!
Simply use our process to review any marketing... Cross of the simple checklists I'll give you... Fill in the templates you'll have at your fingertips...
And you'll have an effective audit that can be delivered to any client, and is guaranteed to produce results when they implement your recommendations...
Or hire you to do it for them!

Okay Erik...
What's It Cost To Join Audit Mastery?

Well... Access to Audit Mastery would be a steal at $1,000... Or even $2,500.
In fact, that's what I plan to charge for this course in the near future...
But you can join Audit Mastery and attend the calls LIVE when you secure your seat right now for the shockingly low price of just $500 bucks.
I currently sell “quick” audits for $2,500 and full audits for $5,000... And I’m expecting you to do the same. At those rates, it won’t take many sales to 5x or even 10x your investment.
And of course, you're fully covered by my...

Join Audit Mastery Now!

Karma-First 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


I’m so confident you’re going to love Audit Mastery, I want to make you a bold promise:

We're giving you a full 60 days to put our training to the test.

What you discover must have a huge impact on your business...

It must be easy for you to understand and implement… And it must get you results… Or I insist you write for a full no-questions, no hassles refund.

You have an entire two months. That's longer than it takes to go through the entire coaching program, attend every call, and get out into the wild and start landing clients... So there’s no rush, and nothing to lose.

You'll either completely fall in love with this training… Or you'll get your money back.

We’ll even part ways as friends!

Join Audit Mastery Now!


"We were tweaking our already very successful landing page and getting little increases from 32% to 33% and increments like that... Then I hired Erik, and in one day he trumped months of our work and got 45% conversions out of the gates! That's the last time I'll make the mistake of not going to him first."

- Scott M.

"The first project I did with Erik became an instant #1 best-seller on ClickBank and netted me well over $1 million dollars in profit."
- Nathan G.

"We were tweaking our already very successful landing page and getting little increases from 32% to 33% and increments like that... Then I hired Erik, and in one day he trumped months of our work and got 45% conversions out of the gates! That's the last time I'll make the mistake of not going to him first."

- Scott M.

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